Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Night...

Last night was riverfire, had a few friends over and lets just say we all got competely wasted lots of alcohol , chats, singing, photos, laughter... overall it was an awesome night had heaps of fun!!! had to kick everyone out at 2am in the morning as my bro came home and was trying to sleep who knows we coulda partied to the sun came up...

Work tried calling me this morning but literally could not go to work hungover haha hope you all had a greattttt weekend !!

winter xoxox

Friday, August 29, 2008

David Jones

So atm im working at a big retail department store called David Jones, just got home about an hour ago and my feet are soreeee as hell :( served some bitchy customers but you get that hrmmmm riverfire tomorrow so ill be definately be getting intoxicated and having a great time however the morning after wont be very pretty as i am known to get some of the worst hangoversss hehe

i saw a veryyy edgy lady today she reallyyy stoood out from the crowd as she was wearing purple tights with a very cuteee pastel coloured taliored suit with all different colours on it and the best part about it was she looked like she was in her mid 30's to early 40's i think we should definately have more mature age woman not being afraid to dress in bold and different colours it would be fantastic to see a change, honestly whooo cares if someone stares at you their probably just jealous and just one last note if ur afraid of being overdressed remember to ask urself this..... wouldnt you rather be overdressed than underdressed???

enjoy these pictures of these women in bold colours something that I HARDLY see on the streets, wouldnt it be fantastic if we saw more ppl dressed like this on the streets im so sick of seeing black business work suits lets bring in some colour!!!!! check out how awesomee the hats are :)

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you can purchase these at
well hope you all have a greatttt weekend !!!

winter xoxo

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the wonderful ISABELLA BLOW

Some of you might be sitting there reading this blog thinking who on earth is isabella blow??!!

All I can say is she is one of the greatest fashion icons that has entered in the magical world of the fashion industry. Isabella Blow was known to discover great talent... discovering the models stella tennant and Sophie Dahl but my personal favorite the great designer Alexander McQueen. Isabella Blow bought the first whole collection of Alexander McQueen.

During 2007 on May 6 Isabella Blow was announced dead, she had taken her own life by drinking weedkiller and was found on the bathroom floor. She was truly a great woman and has inspired many fashion designers till this day forward and will never be forgotten in the fashion industry.

May she rest in peace

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Please click on the link and watch this amazing tribute video of Isabella Blow.

Love Lots
Winter xoxo