Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Wintour entry

Anna Wintour with daughter Bee Shaffer,
i can definitely see the resemblance.


They secretly share clothes, if Anna was my mum im pretty sure i would have the best classic wardrobe ever and i would be in heaven.



HAHA i really adore this picture of Anna Wintour smiling with the finger (good to see her grinning) with Karl Lagerfeld.


Oh and just another note -Kate Winslet is crazy for turning down the role of the upcoming biopic of the fabulous Vivienne Westwood!! i know deep down inside Kate's heart its telling her to DO IT! however the devil is making her stop... be strong Kate and fight the devil inside of you.

Sorry for the lack of posts i have been very busy! but pls be sure to check back as i will be posting a peek of my wardrobe i did a veryyy big spring clean and have sorted out all my clothing and accessories :)



Couture Carrie said...

So exciting about the biopic!!! Perfect casting, I think.

And wow I didn't realize AW's daughter was so old . . .I thought she was like 13? She's quite lovely!


Annie said...

haha what a great pic of anna wintour giving the finger AND smiling! cool blog - u find quirky and cool kinds of info to blog about!

lev_i_mote said...

i have that anna & karl pic on my computer haha! and i wish kate would take the role, i love her.