Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Lippy

I am currently having an obession with Black Lipstick people may call me goth or emo BUT i dont care what they think of me because i like it! so today i went shopping and finally bought some black lipstick and will be wearing it this w.end to a party! my inspiration look is the YSL Fall 2008 ready-to-wear :)

i love love love it all

*Black Lipstick Love*




i stumbled across these sexy YSL shoes and just had to post them!


i have been so so so busy with many things and havent been able to post anything for a while but i will be out and about this w.end so i will take pictures and post them up so look out for them. i hope you all have a splendid w.end!

love you all



Anonymous said...

are you emo by any chance??

Leigh said...

First I would love those shoes!! Second go for it with the black lipstick, you will look fabulous/ I am actually using it as well in my Makeup artistry and paintings for inspiration as well.


Anonymous said...

this is ferosh defs forward, anonymous your probs a dumb dyke

simply.steph said...

I'm deff into the black lipstick. but when it comes to dark lipstick I always go really light in the eyes to emphasize on the lippy boldness.

She's Dressing Up said...

Black lipstick is so striking, Id love to try it but im too scared!

Dominica said...

LOVE the black glossy lipstick !
I'd like to change into something more fierce too but still stylish...
I've got the really dark-blue chanel nailpolish too ...
wouldn't blue be a great colour for lipstick too ?

dmac said...

alice burdeu for ysl?

did not know that