Friday, November 21, 2008

Past & Present

This post will be about Halloween which was a few weeks back and what I purchased today......

Well i finally got a hold of some photos from the night my friends and i celebrated Halloween! Had so much fun, a few ppl dressed up and im sure everyone had a grand time at "Snitch" didnt get home till 4am in the morning and had work next morning at 9am hahaha well worth it.





Now onto what i purchased today...

Today i had work and as i was walking past the handbag department i stumbled across this studded bag which i have been looking for SO LONG! i was so excited and immediately picked it up and knew i just had to buy it :) i also bought some charms and necklaces from a little market stall inside the shopping centre i thought it was oh so cute!!





i am off to melbourne next Thursday so this weekend i will be staying in and not getting intoxicated for a change unless someone will shout me for the whole night hahaha i bought some fabric the other day so i am in the mood to make a few fun pieces yay!!



Mimi said...

This studded bag is awesome and the cute black/white dress.Gorgeous!

Hot Bot said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!

Bambola said...

OMG That studded bag is absolutely DIVINE!!!

Have a fantastic time in Melbourne. I'm so jealous. I love it there =D

Bella said...

Great images, and the studded bag is crazy fabulous!!!

Miss Karen said...

Wow those Halloween pics look awesome! And those are some really rad buys there.

Hopefully the weather in Melbourne will behave itself when you're here!

emma said...

looks liek fun!

SOS! said...

Ooh the straw hat and studded purse are excellent!