Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Move over i-phone!

From my previous post i mentioned going to an antique store in Paddington, as i was browsing through that store i stumbled across some great telephones that i really want for my room now. There was a hamburger phone which i must say that was very CUTE ! it looked exactly like the picture below... i would've purchased this item however it cost $75 AUD which was quite expensive and couldnt afford it.


Here are some other cute telephones:


French Fry Phone- it looks like a toy mobile haha


A japanese vintage batman telephone.

I really want a cute telephone now!!!! haha their so hard to find although i think the best places to find these types of phone would be internet shopping. Well i gotta scoot now as i am off to find my costume (Rock/Pop) for Saturday!



Anonymous said...

omg these are so cute

Juliet said...

The hamburger phone was in Juno! I so want it!

juliet xxx

Song of Style said...

the hamburger and french fries phone is just probably going to make meeh bite my phone lol

coco said...

The burger phone just makes me think of Juno.

agnes said...

ohhh...these are lovely! remind me those days when i was a child.

Nemerae said...

Funny phones haha, love the first two ones! :P