Saturday, December 13, 2008

vintage galore

Ok, so i apologize for not posting anything up for a while! i dont even know where to start.....

  • went to melbourne for 5 days which was AWESOME! i am so shocked of how different melbourne is too brisbane!!
  • had work x-mas party- which was really fun!!!
  • on lemon detox diet... i feel very bad as i have been a hermit and not been going out this week! its hard let me tell u!
  • went to paddington and picked up some very nice vintage :D
  • have a rock/pop party next saturday so i need a costume soon.
  • i made it clear this year that i will not be buying any of my friends and family x-mas presents this year as i am very poor after my melbourne trip and is getting no hours from work unfortunately, its the spirit of x-mas that counts anyway! haha

As i trekked to paddington on Friday, i picked up some very nice vintage!!!!

i love the stripes and black lace on this top and the puffy seleves and love how the lace continues to the back which is amazing! this top is so beautifully detailed (it looks much better in real life than on camera)... i didnt even know it was Anthea Crawford until i paid for it. i was even more excited coz it meant i had a vintage Anthea Crawford top, now this is a peice to keep forever!


Mini pink top hat that i found at the antique store, i think this is adorable it just clips into your hair. it reminds me very much of Anna Piaggi!


only the one of Anna Piaggi's is in red with a black band.


Vintage glomesh bag from "posh poodle" in paddington, i love the colour and shape of this bag!


The weather is getting horrible here in brisbane it has been so humid! so i have been in air-conditioning 24/7 haha thank god! i am jealous of everyone that is in cool weather... i must be off now!!!



CDC said...


just remember who found it

Jen said...

oooh, what's the lemon detox all about?
I love that little top hat! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Great finds! The blouse is my favourite - such a nice lace detail!

Mimi said...

Very unique stuff esp. he blouse