Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Hold On To Your Hat"

So today I finally get my hands on the Lula magazine issue 8 featuring Chanel Iman on the front cover. As i stepped into the newsagent i couldnt see the magazine i wanted there, the man said they only had 2 copies in and i was pretty annoyed cause i remember seeing it there not too long ago but was waiting to recieve my pay before i purchased it. Having my fingers crossed as i walked down to another newsagent to my surprise they still had another 2 copies left yay!!!

Chanel Iman-
The pale pink lips seem to really work with her skin tone quite nicely


In this issue they had a really beautiful shoot of Boater Hats
Title: Hold On To Your Hat
Something about these photographs that I really love....
i think the fog/mist gives it a really dreamy and magical feel



pretty sure i want a boater hat :)


[Photography by Stacey Mark, Styling by James Worthington Demolet]


yes i know this is a random photo but i totally forgot to include it in my other post "Mothers Day"
only one question could be asked:
What would Mr Lagerfeld think of this? tragic!


Robynne said...

I almost bought that issue!

fashion on edge..

Kaela said...

MmmmMmm... Lula always has such beautiful photographs!

xo k

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Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you like my illustrations! Your blog is great.

F Blog said...

aw i have that issue, it has so many beautiful images!
And that suv with the chanel logo.. omg hahah

Emz said...

Wow that looks fabulous!!


Love those moody-dreamy pics...Lovely weekend to you dear...Ps: thanks for dropping by*...glad someone knows CDG vintage- woohoo*


Kaela said...


Were you by any chance on a train from the Sunshine Coast yesterday?
CRAZY weird if you were...

xo k