Thursday, May 21, 2009


So theres been the discussion about jeggings (jean like leggings) weather they are a good look or not. Personally I think its the way how you style it.

For example Whitney Port looking casual with jeggings but definately can not pull it off as they are too short and doesnt particulary look good with the converse all stars. But i guess this outfit is quickly thrown together for a day out to play ball.


Unlike Whitney Port this girls jeggings has been really nicely put together!
Black boots, nice layers purfecto!
Feautured on Facehunter

Work tomorrow all day....ughhh
enjoy your weekend


kirstyb said...

Definately how you style it! I have been in two minds about them! to try or not to try? However I think this was everyones feelings when the leggings came back! i seriously refused to wear them for a whil but they grew on me! Im sure Jeggings will too! Its so unfair that Whitney can pull of anything! xoxoxo

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Definately about how you style them. I personally wouldnt wear them though....except maybe with the most killer heels

In-tree-gue said...

I love how the facehunter girl styled them. I feel that with "jeggings"(does that sound ugly or what?) you should wear them with things that cover the ankles and butt so they dont look liike soccer mom trying to be cool. That was a touch harsh =/

David said...


whitney port would look hot wearing a paper bag