Sunday, May 17, 2009


Patrick Wolf a London born musician and who is truly talented can play several instruments such as the piano, organ, viola, guitar, violin + more! That is seriously some musical talent going on there…I was browsing through some pictures of him and I find his style quite intriguing and I totally admire his colour change in his hair, but I must say I quite like the red/orange as it stands out the most and generally hair that colour is quite hard to co-ordinate with clothing but P.Wolf here can totally pull it off!





It also only came to my realization but Patrick Wolf modelled in the Burberry's fall 2007 fashion campaign…looking fabulous I must say!



[photo credit: google images]

"My sexuality is kind of liberal. I fall in love with men and women. I guess you would call me bisexual. I like to have sex and fall in love—I don't like giving terminology for my sexuality." - Patrick Wolf

I would love to meet someone like him, I think he would be a really interesting person to have a conversation with especially after reading that quote that I thought I would share with you. On the other hand I have an assignment to start …. help me!!!


Ashita said...

this post is absolutely yummy!

He is fantastic. And how funny is the car sticker.. a little more than tragic haha

blackbook said...

he has THE best style....that green jacket....mmm.

A dreamer said...

omgosh i didn't know it was him in the burberry ads!
his style is so out of this world. i love it to bits.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

WOW WOW WOW. love his hair!! rarely see a guy in sequins! i'm definitely inspired :)

a frock a day said...

Fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting them!