Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ALL about Miss Agyness Deyn!

Where do I even start? Agyness Deyn definitely one of the top supermodels in the fashion industry. Starting a signature look of her short edgy blonde hair, I feel like there are a lot of Aggy clones im not saying that I don’t like it, the fact is that a vast amount of girls have it now and is kind of killing the look unfortunately.

Aggy Celebrity Clones

A closer look... Aggy with no make-up?
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I can JUST faintly see her freckles in this photograph


Even with or without make-up she is still absolutely stunning!


Aggy and Kelly good friends? Maybe...

Love Winter Xo

Kelly Osbourne has definately lost weight


Can you see the difference? I Can!


Who doesn't LOVE a little bit of Chanel ?


♥ fashion chalet said...

She has cute, tiny freckles. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment. So nice of you to say! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Agy looks so great sans makeup!

SOPHIE said...

I love agynees, she is so beautiful and she is the best !
I love her !
i'm from buenos aires, Argentina, and you ?
kiss (:

di said...

Aggy without makeup looks still gorgeous.

And I must admit I ´ve seen kelly latest photos and she looks great she even change her style (for better).


saray said...

kelly looks so much better..

Eelie said...

Thankyou, i really adore my new cape too. At first i was bewildered that i even bought it but its surprisingly versatile with my outfits if not a bit wacky but who wasnt streamlined anyway ;)

She is one adorable chicka. Its refreshing to see models without their make-up cause i don't feel so genetically unfortunate lol but even without makeup she looks great! Grrrrr. Back to jealousy-mode methinks :)

It seems like i started blogging about the same time as you! Yippee. Semi-quasi newbies unit :P

KATLIN said...

I love her freckles!!

Soul Tanggg said...

looks like MORE than a little bit of Chanel. thats a LOT of chanel. niiice

Fashion Fille said...

ugh i just love her! she's gives off really personable vibes.

SOS! said...

i love aggy!!

Helgakay said...

We seem to have Aggy love in common.
Youve got a great blog, check mine out:)

Bobble Bee said...

Kelly is looking better than ever :)