Sunday, September 28, 2008

Preppy or Punk?


Gossip Girl is the perfect example to describe the "preppy" appearance. Neat hair, cute headbands, tailored jackets and pants, cross-over ties, an oversized bag, collared blouses, V-neck sweaters and so on. These are the ingredients to a perfect school girl… what do I mean by the perfect school girl? Well behaved, smart, dates the hottest guy from school, pretty much the girl everyone wants to be and idolizes.





Leather jackets, studs, crazy hair, pretty much everything opposite to the “preppy” look. This appearance will tend to give a vibe of "I’m to cool" and "you don’t wanna mess with me"...



The verdict:

both looks are awesome! but the punk look is kind of getting over-done… therefore PREPPY over PUNK!

Winter loves you ! xo

P.s- what were my highlights of last week? lets just say last Thursday night was massive!!! was drunk from 6pm, went out and didnt get home till 4am and had work at 8.30am... i know what you're thinking she is crazy! hahaha and Saturday night i had some friends over and we went to the Regatta (its like a bar down from my house) and i must say that the girls and boys that went there were gross and dirty and it was honestly just a sleaze house and there was this bitch there that fully shoulder barge me i was pisssed and was like wateva! and yes she was wearing ugly shoes ewww.... and her toy boy was ugly too HAHA

P.p.s- i made a show called "The Mountains" with my dear friend Kirsty aka Percy on youtube so check it outtt its awesome and hell funny (we were drunk!) and was rambling on about alot of things so make sure you check it out ok?! yay, OK im going now bye-byeee!!


Lynn and Horst said...

hard decision
i go for preppy

chuckles said...

Preppy no contest.


i like both, mixed!
kisses, you'll be in my favourites soon

stephanie said...

i love love love this post.. and i love to mix the two styles.. always turns out well :)

Dapper Kid said...

I do love the preppy, although it's true, sometimes they look amazing mixed :)

rachel said...

i say preppy! right now im on a plaid and bow craze, luuuv blair waldorf!

Lil Midget said...

Hello :) Thanks for your comment! And of course I love the punk! I wonder what Lily Cole thought of Manson tho..That is Lily Cole with Manson right?


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